GQWhite™'s spill and stain-resistant feature is saving customers everywhere from coffee, water, and even soda stains.
The innovative GQ Guard helps protect the shirt from liquid stains by repelling liquid away from the fabric. 

GQ White Stain-Resistance

Customers across Thailand have been sharing their #GQWhite moments and have put the GQ Guard feature to the test themselves.
Facebook user Tossapon Buapet put the test to GQ Guard, GQWhite™'s spill and stain-resistant technology that helps prevent stains from forming.



Check out this demo that uses real ketchup.


And this user, who shows that even soda is no match for GQWhite™. 

 As is important with all clothing, read GQWhite™'s care instructions to keep your GQWhite™ shirt in tip-top shape.