The Essential Shirt on the surface is a really good looking long-sleeve button-down shirt, but when you look closer, it’s full of features that improve the wearing experience. We designed our Essential Shirt with extra functionality because we believe our clothes should work just as hard as you do.Anatomy of the Essential Shirt

Taped Seams

We use seam tape on all the seams around the shirt, which keeps the seams smooth, flat and pucker-free. It’s an extra addition to the construction of the shirt that makes a huge difference in appearance. We always say once you notice a puckered seam, you can’t unsee it. That’s why we make them without puckered seams in the first place.

Taped vs Non Taped version

Deodorant Tape

Have you ever left the house and forgot to put on deodorant, or wish you had put on more when it’s a really hot day? We added this hidden feature under the arms for a practical purpose. The deodorant tape prevents bacteria from growing, which reduces odor and means you can stay confident all day long.

Wrinkle-Free Fabric

When it’s 6 a.m., you don’t want to have to iron your shirt last minute before work. We constructed the Essentials shirt with wrinkle-free fabric, meaning you’ll have to spend less time caring for your shirt, and have more time, well, for everything else.

Buffet Button

We designed the last two buttons of the Essential Shirt horizontally to allow a 3mm slide in each direction, which prevents gaps between the buttons. This is good for looking your best before and after dinner.

GQ Signature Button

Red is a special color for us. We used red thread with a vertical button stitch to add a small signature to each of our shirts. It’s a unique touch that adds character to a timeless design.