Take packing light to a whole new level with GQWhite ™.

Take packing light to a whole new level with GQWhite™

When you’re going on a quick business trip, the last thing you want to worry about is your clothes. Here’s how you can get your GQWhite™ shirt to last a 3-day business trip.

Day 1 - Morning Flight and Meetings

Heading to a meeting as soon as you get off the plane? Wear GQWhite™ on the plane. GQWhite™ is cool and breathable, meaning you’ll stay comfortable the whole flight.

After you’re done wearing your GQWhite™ shirt for the day, hang it up to dry. When you go to shower, bring your GQWhite™ shirt with you. GQWhite™ uses special technology that releases wrinkles with heat and moisture, so go ahead and hang it in the bathroom to let the steam help release any wrinkles.

Normal white shirt

Customer wearing a GQWhite™ shirt demonstrating the self-ironing technology of the men's white dress shirt.

Day 2 - Meetings and client dinner

Go ahead and put back on your GQWhite™ shirt. White shirts are the unspoken business uniform. No one’s going to notice you’re wearing the same shirt.

Accidentally spill your coffee on yourself on your way to your first morning meeting? Not a problem. GQWhite™ is spill and stain-resistant. Just rinse the coffee off immediately with some water to prevent the stain from soaking into the fabric and your shirt will still look clean.

Motion image of coffee being poured on a GQWhite™ shirt and repelling away from the fabric. The rest of the coffee is washed away with water.

After all-day meetings, you have a big dinner planned. Go ahead and eat as much as you want. GQWhite™ has a special Buffet Button to prevent the gap between buttons when you have a food belly. This feature adds an extra 3mm of horizontal stretch, so you still look your best.

Illustrated icon of GQWhite™'s Buffet Button mechanism. The button will slide 3mm in right to left horizontally to give the wearer extra comfort after a big meal.

Make sure to hang it up again after you’re finished wearing it for the day to allow it to dry.

Day 3 - Wrapping up business

Yep, you can wear it again on day three. Normally day 3 is when you’d notice the collar on your white shirt starts to turn yellow from sweat, however, GQWhite’s collar is treated with a specialized coating to prevent yellow collar stains from forming.

A side-by-side comparison photo of GQWhite™'s yellow stain-resistant collar verses another brand white shirt where the collar has a very bad yellow sweat stain.

Say you can’t get a cab from your hotel, and you end up having to walk longer than your expected to get to your last meeting and you work up a sweat. Don’t worry. You won’t have to run to the nearest bathroom to try to dry the sweat stains with the hand dryer. GQWhite™ reduces the appearance of sweat stains, so you look calm, cool and collected.

GQWhite™ reduces the appearance of sweat stains comparison

That’s how you can wear GQWhite™ for 3 days in a row. When you get back from your trip, toss your GQWhite™ shirt in the wash.

Care tips:

  • Hang your GQWhite™ shirt when you’re finished wearing it for the day to let it air out and dry.
  • Hang it in the bathroom when you shower to let the steam work its magic on any wrinkles.
  • Wash any stains off immediately to prevent them from soaking into the fabric. Your shirt will look good as new.

GQWhite™ The Ultimate White Shirt