“Fit” class is back in session.

When it comes to suiting, fit is one of the most important elements in order to look your best. When your pants fit well, ultimately you’re going to feel the most comfortable as well as avoid any awkward situations that can come from pants being too loose or too tight.

Here’s how your pants should fit.

Waist Fit

Waist fit is the first thing you should look at when you try on a pair of pants. First, you should check if the pants stay at your waist without sliding down. If they don’t stay up on their own, they’re too big. If they’re tight around your waist or if you have trouble fastening the button and zipper, they’re too small. The waistband should be at your belly button or just below it.

Seat Fit

When it comes to how your pants fit in the seat of your pants, first of all, it’s okay to embrace your curves. You should notice how the fabric sits in the seat area. When the pants are too big, they’ll appear baggy in the seat due to excess fabric. If they’re too tight, the fabric will pull and stretch horizontally. If the fabric lays flat while hugging your curves, that means it’s a good fit.

Leg Fit and Length

A well-designed pant (like our Essential Suit pants) will taper naturally down the length of your leg. This means the fabric will go from wider at the top of the leg to more narrow at the bottom. When a pant is too tight, you will feel the fabric stretching to try to fit around your legs. When the pants are too big, you’ll be able to grab excess fabric from the sides. A good fitting pant leg won’t cling too tight to your skin and you can pinch just a little bit of fabric around the sides.

For length, it’s actually up to personal preference about how long you prefer your pants. Too long is when you have extra fabric folding at your foot, or even touching the ground. Too short is when you’re exposing a skin above your ankle bone. We recommend a “break” right at the top of your foot and below the ankle bone.

If you’re looking for suit pants for all-day wear, our Essential Suit pants are innovatively designed with a soft feel for ultimate comfort and a smart design to make you look taller. They even have a special pocket for your smartphone.