There is one dreaded stain I think everyone can agree is the most noticeable and in general, the most embarrassment inducing: sweat stains. Sweat stains can strike at any time: on your way in from lunch or during a presentation. However, sweat stains while wearing a dress shirt can be prevented. Here's how.

reduce dress shirt sweat strains

1.Wear antiperspirant
This may seem obvious, but lots of people forego deodorant on a daily basis. If you find you sweat a lot more during the hotter months, try using an antiperspirant, and maybe additionally cooling powder to help physically reduce sweating.

2.Wear more breathable clothing
Cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics for dress shirts because it is lightweight and is woven in a way that creates greater airflow. Avoid polyester or other synthetic fabrics, as they are less breathable and often trap moisture close to the skin.


3.Put on a suit jacket
If all else fails, cover up the stain! This is a good way to cover embarrassing sweat stains and is also a good option if your office has extra strong air conditioning.


4.Wear better performing dress wear
Since for many people, sweating is inevitable, it's better to wear clothing that will solve the problem for you. Our best selling shirt GQWhite™, the ultimate white shirt, is treated with a special technology that reduces the appearance of sweat stains. The technology disperses sweat and helps it evaporate quickly, meaning stains are significantly less apparent with GQWhite™ than on other shirts.