It’s hot. And a white cotton dress shirt will literally keep you cool.

Whether it’s the commute or going out to lunch, it’s easy for a typical day to turn into a sweaty mess quickly in Southeast Asia. While we can’t make the weather cooler, there is one thing that science shows us that will keep you feeling cooler: wearing white.

When we wear clothes, we see the color based on how much light is reflected and how much is absorbed. When light is absorbed, it converts into heat. The color black absorbs all light, making it the hottest color to wear, whereas white clothing reflects all light, meaning you will stay cooler.

But color is not the only factor in terms of keeping you cool: the fabric also makes a big impact. Cotton is one of the most breathable natural fibers and has natural sweat-wicking properties, which helps keep you feeling cooler.

So there you have it: white is the coolest color to wear, and cotton is one of the best fabrics to wear in the heat, according to science.

Want the best white shirt? We made it. Made out of 100% cotton, GQWhite™ is cool and breathable — perfect for wearing in Southeast Asia.

GQWhite The Ultimate White Shirt

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